Deborah Barlow is a Boston-based visual artist, writer, and curator of images and ideas. Deeply respectful of the intuitive and indefinable nature of creativity, Barlow nudges the verbal and the visual to move a bit closer to the numinous elsewhere. Fiercely independent, she is a free-form thinker and maker.

During the past 50 years she has had over 50 solo exhibitions and many group shows in museums, galleries, universities and institutions in the United States, Europe and the UK. Built by layering pigments, metallics and natural substances, her paintings mirror the complexity of a multi-dimensional world. Art News described her work by saying “one risks confounding the senses even before peeling back the first layer of brusque sensuality that clings to the surface of her paintings…a soulful, sympathetic sensibility that is rare to find in such an obsessive technician.”

Barlow has authored over 1500 essays on her publishing site Slow Muse (slowmuse.com), since its inception in 2006. In addition to artist monographs and reviews, she has contributed to publications and books on creativity, art making, business and entrepreneurship.

Her most recent project is Pell Lucy, a digital collective of international artists. Through purpose-built networks, Pell Lucy brings viewers into a full spectrum of artistic experiences that are intimate, inclusive and memorable.