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The material world we can see and measure--from the microscopic realm to the vast expanse of the cosmos--is but one portion of a complex multiverse. Given the latest research, we now know there is so much that lies outside the limited capacities of our visual and somatic perception.

Intimations and glimpses of other domains do occur. The quiet consideration of what is numinous and illusory leads to paintings that read like “map visions,” of what might be other domains. Working in this way, art making becomes a record of how to search, listen and respond multi-dimensionally while navigating a limitless expanse.​​​


Deborah Barlow is a Boston-based visual artist, writer, and curator. Respectful of what is intuitive and illusory, her work is a response to the numinous and the undefined.

During the past 50 years she has had over 50 solo exhibitions and been included in numerous group shows at museums, galleries, universities and institutions in the United States, Europe and the UK. Art News described her work by saying “one risks confounding the senses even before peeling back the first layer of brusque sensuality that clings to the surface of her paintings…a soulful, sympathetic sensibility that is rare to find in such an obsessive technician.”

Barlow has curated numerous exhibits and authored over 1500 essays on her publishing site Slow Muse ( In addition to writing artist monographs, curatorial statements and reviews, she has contributed to publications and books on creativity, art making, business and entrepreneurship.

In 2020 she founded Pell Lucy, a digital collective of international artists who share a fundamental belief in the intelligence of form. Since its inception, Pell Lucy has been featured in numerous online and in person exhibits. Also in 2020 she cofounded Fair Share Art, an Instagram-based art network for collectively promoting, selling and fundraising.

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